Here are the answers to the questions we're most frequently asked. Can't see the answer to your question? Get in touch

What types of changes can I track?

We track new and changed text.

Can I track changes to images?

Sorry, no, we're concentrating on text at the moment.

How am I alerted to changes?

We send you an email with an image of the new text highlighted green. Like this: Alerted

How frequently can I check pages?

Our maximum check frequency is hourly.

Do you track the whole website?

No, we just track the individual pages you ask us to.

How much does it cost?

While we're in beta all our plans are free!

What does "in beta" mean?

The term "in beta" means we think we have something that's great to use - but there are still some features we want to add and rough edges to fix before we're 100% happy - and occasionally you might run into a bug!

How many tracks can I set up?

You can set up as many as you need. We like to talk to our larger users and so if you're thinking of creating more than 500 tracks - drop us an email.

When are tracks checked?

Here's how it works:

  • Hourly tracks are checked at some point in the hour - usually within the first 15 minutes of the hour
  • Daily tracks are checked in the hour they were created (or last edited)
  • Weekly tracks are checked on the day and in the hour they were created (or last edited)
I'm tracking my competitors - how secure is this information?

We are aware that what you track is possibly sensitive and so we will never publish this information, not even in an anonymised or aggregated format.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your information while it is in transit between your computer and Trackly.

More information in our privacy policy.

What does the "Ignore small changes" option mean when creating a track?

We always want to avoid sending you notifications about page changes you don't care about.

By default when you create a track - the "Ignore small changes" option is checked, like this: Ignore small changes

This means that we'll not alert you to small "noisy" changes. Here is a list of the items we'll filter out:

1. Changes to paging numbers Paging

2. Changes to how long ago something happened Days ago

3. Changes to filter counts Filter count

4. Changes to review counts Review

5. Changes to social media counts Social shares

6. Changes to many items were found in a search Found

Sometimes you really want to be sure you see every change. In this case - just flip "Ignore small changes" to "No" and you'll be alerted to every change however small! Ignore no

My page has changed but I didn't receive an alert!

There are some cases where we can't detect changes:

  • Where the change is in an iframe
  • Where the change is to an image - we just track text
  • Where the only change is a deletion - we only track new text

We'll also ignore certain types of changes if you have the "Ignore small changes" option set.

Tracking changes on webpages is a complex business - and there will always be situations where we get it wrong. Bear in mind we offer a "best effort" service and can provide no guarantee that we'll alert you to a particular change.

I'm getting too many notifications about changes I don't care about. What can I do?

Try selecting just the part of the page you're interested in. To do this edit the track and click on the "Just part of the page" option: What to track

You'll then be able to select just the section of the page you're interested in Section selection

Can I track pages where I have to be logged in?

No, sorry, that would require us to store your user details - including your password - which would be a security risk.

What about sites that use Flash? Can I track them?

We don't support Flash. If you track pages that use Flash you'll see a "Flash player required to view this content" message.

Where is the server that checks pages?

Our servers are in London - and so all pages are displayed as if you were using a web browser in London.